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Online Jobs For Students From Home Part Time Without Investments

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New Online Jobs Without Investment From Home For Students Earn Money

Are you a student or an entrepreneur looking to work from home that too without any investment, if yes than you are on right place to get all job-related information and ways to earn money from the comfort of the home. Let us discuss the most popular ways of earning money from the home, you can earn a lot.

Let us come to the point, these are the few best methods for earning a good income from the comfort of the home, work like part time or full time, work according to you!

(1) PTC Jobs

(2) Online Writing Jobs

(3) Captcha Solving Jobs

(4) Blogging

(5) Affiliate Marketing

(6) Freelancing jobs

(7) Fiverr Jobs

Let us discuss all these above jobs in details and read all information about these jobs and start doing  jobs which are really suitable to you.

(1) PTC Jobs :-

These are the kind of jobs which are totally based on ‘Paid to Click’, the user gets paid when ever the user clicks or views the ad for particular time period. There are lot of PTC sites which offer this jobs like Clixsense, NeoBux etc. 

Clixsense :-
You will be get paid when you reach the payment threshold, payment threshold for clixsense is $8 where is Neobux will pay you after you reach $2.

PTC Jobs earn money

The past part about these jobs are you can earn lot of money If you have more referrals, it is like a chain system which will let you earn more money. When ever your referral clicks an ad or view an ad you will also get commission and that too for lifetime. 

So the more referrals you made the more you earn. Clixsense also offers you online survey jobs which will have much more pay than normal ads and it also offers you micro jobs which will also pay you good amount of money, what you need to do is select the best job and get started.

(2) Online writing Jobs :-

There are few content writing jobs online which will pay you good amount of money for writing articles, you need to write about tech or latest news etc as needed by them. 

Online writing Jobs

So these jobs are easy to find, you can google for online content writing jobs, even few will pay you good amount of money based on your writing skills like $50, once you became expert In this field then you can earn  a lot.

Sites where you can get writing jobs :-

(3) Captcha Solving Jobs :-

These are one of the easiest jobs which you can do easily, there are so many websites like Megatypers which is most popular, which will pay you according to number of Captcha words you type. The more you type the more you earn. 

Captcha Solving Jobs

The payment threshold is also very low so that you will be paid after the earnings are finalized, there might be few networks which also  provides affiliate or referral money also.

(4) Blogging :-

This is the most suitable jobs for those who want to earn online, what you need a good niche and  writing skills and start your own business with Google AdSense, block categories which are not good in AdSense and start making money right now. 

Blogging job

When ever the visitor comes to your site the visitor may also click on ad, when the visitor clicks ad based on his interest you will get paid in AdSense account. The payment threshold is $100 and you will be paid directly through bank transfer.

(5) Affiliate Marketing Jobs :-

These are the most simple jobs which you can do, what you need to do is signup for affiliate programs like Flipkart, Amazon and others, refer you friends and when they buy with your referral link you will also earn commission amount based on the product. 

 Affiliate Marketing Jobs online

And when you come to promote Hosting products you will earn up to $150 per sale also.

(6) Freelancing Jobs :-

If you have some skills, you can explore those skills online, you can do the work of your clients over Freelancer, you will get paid, the job will be based on the bid, client will select the person or persons for his job to be done and you will be paid for doing the jobs, there are lot of good jobs available at Freelancer, you will also get free trial for Freelancer. 

Freelancing Jobs

You can demand good money if your skills are high. You may also get data entry part time or full-time jobs under the Freelancing jobs and the work you done may be verified and you will be paid according to that.

(7) Fiverr Jobs :-

These are kind of jobs which so may people prefer because what you need is just a Fiverr account and your skills and you need make your profile like “ I will do (Your Skills) for $5” example you will type one paper completely for $5, people will start selecting or choosing you based your work, if you became popular than you may get lot of orders and some may also prefer you as their permanent gid, and you will be paid through paypal.

Fiverr Jobs without investment from home

There are lots of jobs even part time jobs also available online, what you need to do is apply your good skills and start earning today! You don’t even need lots of investment to start the work if you are not financially strong than you can give a try to good jobs and earn with full of honesty.


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