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Online Jobs Earn Money From Home Easy ways Top 10

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Online Jobs From Home...

Online Jobs From Home.

Well, doing job from home is one is quite easy, you don’t need much or lot of investment, you can get good job to do from home, it is also valuable for students who are studying and want to continue their studies with earning, in other words ‘Earning while Learning’, to come up the financial conditions few people opt to work from home after working out side in offices etc. So here we are sharing some of the best ways to work online from home.

Online Typing Jobs From Home :-

Online Typing Jobs From Home


Yes, if you know typing skills it could be a great advantage to you, you can earn money by the comfort of the home, if you could type the words you can work for your clients, there are lot of jobs available over internet.

Be sure to choose good one because there is lot of scam over internet, few will charge a small amount before assigning you a job and some will provide you for free of cost, so choose well be careful while selecting the online job. But typing jobs can make you earn few more extra bucks from the comfort of the home.

Copy Paste Jobs :-

Copy Paste Jobs

There are lot of websites which offer simple copy-paste jobs, you just need to copy and then paste, and you will be paid according to your work. According to your work you can earn Rs.500/- also per day if you do well. Websites like www.datapostingjobs.in offers Rs.4/- per copy paste (as written on their website) but be aware of choosing best website and the best job and minimum payout will be Rs.2000/- and they will pay by different methods like cheque system etc.

Data conversion Jobs :- 

Data conversion Jobs

Here in these type of jobs you need to convert data formats like Word to PDF and images formats etc, the pay will be according to the work, some will pay higher per paper or per unit of data conversion and some will pay on daily basis, as an example the text is written in image and you need to convert the data to text and forward to your client and you will be paid according to your work but be careful to avoid mistakes as they may also deduct your money for wrong data.

Online surveys :-

Online surveys


You need to register to few website which pay you according to the surveys, there are few agencies which like to do survey to improve their product, suveymonkey.com, indeed.co.in and lot of other websites provide pay per survey, you need to be successfully qualified to get paid for survey, you will be paid from cents to dollars depending on surveys, some survey will also pay $50+ per surveys based on their requirements, what you need to to do is fill the survey form honestly as fake information may lead to disqualification in survey.

Online Tutor Jobs :-

Online Tutor Jobs

This could be one of the best jobs you can do from home, there are lof students who want to get studied online through webcam or any other source, what you need to do is to register to the sites which pays you for teaching online, they will find the students according to your profile, you need to teach them online and get paid, so write your qualification and area of interest in your profile and get selected and start your monthly income from the comfort of the home. But you to teach well to the students in order to get more students and more ratings etc.

Part time seller :-

Part time seller

You will be get paid per product you made successful sale, here in case there are lot of companies which offer you affiliate or selling jobs like Commission Junction, CJ (Commission Junction) looks better all of them, there are lot of programs registered with CJ, what you need to do is apply for particular program and if you get selected you need to promote certain product through your website or another way like selling domain names etc. , and you will be paid once you reach minimum payment threshold, but you need to be active to get more mone, and your account may be suspended if you show in activity for months.

Online Translator Jobs :-

Online Translator Jobs

Do you know another language than your mother tongue, than it acts as an advantage to you, now you can become a translator and earn money, there are lot of clients over internet who need translators, start your translator job and start making bucks! Example if you know few languages like Hindi, English and French, than there are few people who wants translator to translate French to English either verbally or non-verbally.

Online cum Offline Data Entry :-

Online cum Offline Data Entry

Data entry is one of the most popular jobs over internet, there are two kind of data entry jobs, offline and online, if you don’t have internet connection at your home you can do the work offline, there are few websites which offer you bulk data and you need to data entry that data and submit it once a week through online or offline and the payment will be done based on your work but here too be careful as mistakes may result in deduction of money.

Application Promotion or CPA :-

Application Promotion or CPA

This is one the most burning jobs over mobile, signup to the network which pays according to CPA, per downloads, you need to promote a good application, you will be paid per download. Example Flipkart also provides CPA program, you just need to give your affiliate program link and when people install application in their mobile through your link you will earn some money, it is different for Android users and iPHone users, if iPHone user installs application from your link you will earn more than Android.

Part Time Assistance Provider :-

It’s kind of tough job to get but it is one of the easy job, you need to provide assistance through chat or call online to the clients of the particular company. 

It will be based on the company, they may provide you training, these kind of jobs are tough to get and may not also available, but you can try at least. Select the best job and best time to work.


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